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ootd: white knitted snood, blue and white patterned blouse (the pattern: grey, white & red cats), maroon blazer, tan high waisted trousers.

I love bargain shopping, love love love it (though I’m pretty sure I drove fizzlekpop crazy dragging items round a shop for half an hour before going “…maybe I’ll come back for it” which I never did, of course). I’m feeling awfully fat from primark’s horrifically small sizing, though - when did this happen? I had to buy two sizes larger than in any other shop, and it’s still a little too snug. not impressed.

…okay, so my webcam’s timer was apparently still set when I finished taking photos and turned round to stretch, and ended up with this shot of my… er, bum. awkward. (help, my foodie thighs, save me; but at least I can prove to you how small my waist is in proportion to the rest of me, being an hourglass is not fun times I can tell you.)

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